Lyons and Dots

Lyons and Dots
Lyons and Dots

Lyons has solid lines on his head oriented from head to tail.

Dots has the same lines and orientation but his lines are broken into "Dots".

Lyons has the green collar and Dots has the blue collar.

Lyons has just a little darker markings than Dots.

Jesus is our Savior and Strength.

Lyons and Dots

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Lyons (Lines) stands regal and tall while Dots bends over to show why he was so named.


I left out the door to go to mom's and to pick up my Egyptian Mau kitten, "Dots" that my cousin, Tootsie, was going to give to me at a great price as she has just started her Egyptian Mau Cattery.  Michael opened the door and shouted "Hey Dad, two kittens will be better than one as they will have each other to play with when no one is home!"  "We'll see", I replied.  Famous last words.

I called Tootsie to tell her that I was on my way. We talked for a while and then she casually said "You do know that you are taking two kittens back home don't you!"

Two days later, Tootsie brought Lines and Dots down to mom's where we played with them and took some pictures.  Later we packed the kittens and a ton of supplies, that Tootsie had brought with her, into the truck and then I headed back home.  The kittens let out a few kitten "meows" but once we were on the Interstate they settled down and became good travelers.

The nicknames Lines and Dots, that we had given the kittens three weeks earlier, refer to their markings on their heads.  Lines has solid "lines" going back on his head and Dots similar markings are broken into "dots".  "Lines" has now become "Lyons".

Thus begins the epic story of life with Lyons and Dots.

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