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The Stout and Carter Families

About Us

The Stout's and Carter's are my wife's families.  Many were born or grew up in the Jackson and Putnam Counties near Granville, Tennessee.  From there they spread out all over the country.  Some attended Baxter Seminary / Upperman High School.

The Stouts are the descendants of William M. Stout and Jane Meadows.  The Carters are the descendants of James Carter and Polly Pharris.  The immediate families are from the Baxter, Martin's Creek, Cookeville, and Nashville areas in Tennessee.

Hopefully, this web site will allow us to get together online and know a little more about our kith and kin.

Part of the purpose of this site is to show pictures of our ancestors and contemporary family members.  If you have photos of family members that you would like to share, please notify me at  I am especially interested in photos of the earlier generations but I would very much appreciate photos of any Carter and Stout family members on this web site.  Please clearly identify everyone in the picture.  I will be glad to add them to the web site.

Remember - send photos of the Carter and Stout family members to:

    Thanks - Mike

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