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God is our friend, master, savior, and supplier of all our needs.

Family, Friends, Places, Events, and Things

     This web site contains, among other things, genealogical information and pictures of family, friends, places, and things.  I hope that you enjoy it and if you are familiar with any of the people, places, or things, that it will bring a smile to you as you see them again.  I also hope that it might bring you a little closer together as we can not always be as close as we would like to be with family, friends, and those we love.

There is information about Joseph Roberts and the annual reunion held every year at Roberts Switch, Tennessee.  Roberts Switch which was named after the Roberts family.  Note:  2017 Roberts Reunion - June 3, 2017.

The Phillips family and the Phillips Cousins reunion is represented here.  David (Bud) Phillips was the patriarch of this family.  His descendants constitute the Phillips Cousins.

The Carter and Stout families, the families of my wife and our children, are just now being presented.  More family members and pictures will be added in the near future.

The family of Asberry William "Razz" Alexander and his descendants are reflected here.  Those include Albert C. Alexander, his grandson and my grandfather

Baxter, Tennessee, will be presented here in days to come.  It is our home town.

Friends from the past and present will be shown here also.

Photos from around town and around the country will also be here, as well as photos of interesting things, perspectives, and hopefully, something that you will like.

As with any human construction, there may be errors on some of the pages presented here.  If you see any or can fill in any gaps or provide new information, please contact us at   update@mike-alexander.net

If you have questions or comments contact us at   info@mike-alexander.net

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