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Upperman High School

     Here is the place that we visited, worked, had fun, went to school, learned, enjoyed, graduated, dropped out, excelled, found out limitations, removed other limitations, made friends, learned of the real world, were protected, and were introduced to new things, one of which was that white socks really do not go with a suit!  At that time, four years seemed forever.  Today it seems as if it were just the briefest of moments.

We made life long friends among our peers and teachers, too.  Sometimes it took us a while to figure that out.  We were lucky as most of our teachers were interested in teaching and helping us to learn what we needed to be able to cope with and in our adult lives.  They also prepared us to continue to learn what would be needed in later life.  We did just that, we learned lessons that would and will last us a lifetime. 

Dale Grissom, captain of the 1967 football team, starts home slowly after a hard practice. Step back in time for just a moment by remembering the 1967 Highlander  or by looking at the History of Upperman High School / Baxter Seminary.  Our Administration Building, Pfeiffer Hall of Baxter Seminary, was long ago replaced by a modern box, with the mandatory leaky roof.  Now a grand new Upperman High School has been built on Highway 70, just on the northern limits of Baxter.  But the memories of friends, teachers, and the beautiful buildings of Georgian architecture on a grand campus strewn with majestic oak trees, one with few if any peers in the state, will always be how I remember Upperman High School !

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